Write about 5 british governors of india

He was also associated with Ilbert Bill which sought to allow Indian judges to try British offenders. Congress members heeding Gandhi's call resigned from provincial legislatures, enabling the Muslim League, in alliance with the Hindu Mahasabha, to take control in Sindh, Bengal and Northwest Frontier.

The office of Governor-General continued to exist as a ceremonial post in each of the new dominions until they adopted republican constitutions in and Respectively. The west, though, is drier. They also made the Indian soldiers of their army use a special type of cartridge.

After the Second World War, most of them were no longer willing to support the British ruling class in India. The British rulers continued to forcibly take regions ruled by Indians and made these regions part of the British Raj.

Neither should we over-estimate how much an lCS officer could hope to achieve. However, he and many other leaders of the Indian National Congress Party differed on many matters.

So too did the electorate. When Gandhi returned to India infew people knew him. Lord Reading - Chauri Chaura incident occurred during his period. The governor inaugurates to dedicate the state legislature by addressing it after the assembly elections and also at the beginning of the first session every year.

The telegram was published in the press, and stated: After that, the post was help by Lord Minto Indian have to trust the British, not for the sake for Britain, not for any advantage that the British might gain, but for the maintenance of the defense and freedom of the province itself.

It met annually and gave some suggestions to the rulers of the British Raj. The most immediate effects of the resignation of the Congress governments were felt at the provincial headquarters where secretariat officers were relieved of the burden of coping with inexperienced ministers and overactive legislative bodies.

But, it failed to attract all Muslims. Some historians estimate that the troops killed and injured about 1, people. Since Delhi and Puducherry have a measure of self-government with an elected legislature and council of ministers, the role of the lieutenant-governor there is a mostly ceremonial one, akin to that of a state's governor.

In order to pacify the Indians in the circumstance of worsening war situation, the Conservatives were forced to concede some of the demands made by the Indians. Many other political parties and revolutionaries came together to support this movement.

He became successful and the government of South Africa removed most of such rules and restrictions.


It took weeks before the British could reestablish their writ in the district. They believed in armed struggle to oust the British from India. Organised movements[ change change source ] The period following India's First War of Independence was an important period in the Indian independence movement.

He outlawed the practice of Sati and also introduced English education in India. The British military commander, Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer ordered his troops to fire at the civilians without any warning.

More and more officers were siphoned off from the districts in order that they might tackle the many headed hydra of expanding secretariat work: There were a number of Anglo-French conflicts in India in the early eighteenth century including the episode known as the "Black Hole of Calcutta" where according to one report men were cramped into a space 18 feet long by 14 feet wide.

Ultimately, the British ruled that these officers were guilty, but they set them free seeing the public anger. He also brought Railways and Telegraph to India.History Of The British Raj History Essay.

British Raj

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Ceylon was never part of British India, but it was a British Crown ltgov2018.com British having fought wars with the kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan.

They signed treaties with them. for instance Punjab, Bengal and Assam had British Governors. They reported to the. List of current Indian governors This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 12 November Several governors, lieutenant governors and administrators pose with the President, Vice President and Prime Minister of India during the 49th Governors' Conference, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, in.

The governors and lieutenant governor are appointed by the president of India for the tenure of 5 years generally and hold the office until the pleasure.

ii. The governor and lieutenant governor are executive heads of the states and the union territories respectively. The Governor-General of India (or, from toofficially the Viceroy and Governor-General of India, commonly shortened to Viceroy of India) was originally the head of the British administration in India and, later, after Indian independence inthe representative of the Indian head of state.

To hundreds of thousands of Indians the British Raj was personified by its administrative arm, the Indian Civil Service, by which the British governed its imperial possession through a small elite spread thinly throughout the vast sub-continent.

1) in the british sent british soldiers to virginia and the march there was a disaster. 2/3 of the soldiers were killed. this showed that the british weren't quite ready for war and they needed more time to prepare a battle tactic.

Write about 5 british governors of india
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