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Pascal, Nagel, and Socrates present different views of how to make our lives worthwhile; but all agree that our lives should be spent in search of the truth, which is reached through honest reasoning and individual contemplation. Apart from its utility in showing unsuspected possibilities, philosophy has a value -- perhaps its chief value -- through the greatness of the objects which it contemplates, and the freedom from narrow and personal aims resulting from this contemplation.

For Plato the main values of humanity were the ability to speak and think, thus he used the allegory of the cave to explain why exactly these two activities were so important. It teaches how to correctly perceive the reality and self, by showing how to do a study of the self. This enlargement of Self is not obtained when, taking the Self as it is, we try to show that the world is so similar to this Self that knowledge of it is possible without any admission of what seems alien.

He claims that in life, we have two choices: Russell uses the example that if you were to ask a mathematician, a mineralogist, or a historian what definite truths has been ascertained by their science, their answer will last as long as you are willing to listen.

Thus, to a great extent, the uncertainty of philosophy is more apparent than real: The free intellect will see as God might see, without a here and now, without hopes Value of philosophy essay fears, without the trammels of customary beliefs and traditional prejudices, calmly, dispassionately, in the sole and exclusive desire of knowledge -- knowledge as impersonal, as purely contemplative, as it is possible for man to attain.

It has to do with whatever it is about philosophy that makes it worthy of our attention and energy in a way that is disproportional to its benefit to us as either useful or fun.

Has the universe any unity of plan or purpose, or is it a fortuitous concourse of atoms? Self-assertion, in philosophic speculation as elsewhere, views the world as a means to its own ends; thus it makes the world of less account than Self, and the Self sets bounds to the greatness of its goods.

With the help of philosophy a person can find single best way out, rather than several decent ones. The philosopher taught his followers to think and realize the reality in correct way in order not to make errors while perceiving the world around. Russell holds that the primary value of philosophy is not in any kind of definite answer, but exists in the questions themselves.

In order to judge of such attempts, it is necessary to take a survey of human knowledge, and to form an opinion as to its methods and its limitations.

Scientific study has far-reaching effects on mankind, through inventions, while philosophic study primarily affects the lives of those who study it, and only indirectly affects others through them.

But they are not the whole story, and it seems to me dangerous not to mention and try better to understand the other part of the story… This other part has to do with the ways in which philosophy expands our imaginations and our minds and deepens our perspective on ourselves and our relation to the world.

Yet, however slight may be the hope of discovering an answer, it is part of the business of philosophy to continue the consideration of such questions, to make us aware of their importance, to examine all the approaches to them, and to keep alive that speculative interest in the universe which is apt to be killed by confining ourselves to definitely ascertainable knowledge.

Similarly, the study of the human mind, which was a part of philosophy, has now been separated from philosophy and has become the science of psychology. Socrates strongly believed in the power of reason, which he possessed by means of philosophy. Socrates has just been found guilty of corrupting the youth and not acknowledging the gods of the city.

Consistent with the thought of his other chapters, he claims that we cannot hope for definite answers or even high degrees of certainty. Socrates believes that there is certain truth, and one can reach it through reason and contemplation.

For this reason greatness of soul is not fostered by those philosophies which assimilate the universe to Man. The Problems of Philosophy. This, Berlin argues, is what defines philosophical questions: The author underlines that the main value of philosophy is to provide people with knowledge about everything and to give clear answers to the questions posed by different people at different times.

Through philosophy we are released from presumption, obliviousness, and bigotry. Hence also the free intellect will value more the abstract and universal knowledge into which the accidents of private history do not enter, than the knowledge brought by the senses, and dependent, as such knowledge must be, upon an exclusive and personal point of view and a body whose sense-organs distort as much as they reveal.The Value of Philosophy Essay Words | 4 Pages.

The Value of Philosophy The word “philosophy” is derived from two ancient Greek words, “philos” meaning ‘love of’ and “sophia” meaning ‘wisdom’. This essay will summarize the article, The Value of Philosophy to Individual life by Bertrand Russell. Russell’s goal of his article is to explain the everyday uses of philosophy and how philosophy influences human’s life both directly an indirectly.

Value of philosophy essay.

The Value of Philosophy

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The Value of Philosophy

The Value of Philosophy Essay - The Value of Philosophy The word “philosophy” is derived from two ancient Greek words, “philos” meaning ‘love of’ and “sophia” meaning ‘wisdom’.

Philosophers are lovers of wisdom.

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In this paper, the value of philosophy is discussed citing the reasoning and backing from the earliest philosophers (Engel, Soldan, and Durand ).

As an allegory used by Plato of a cave, study of philosophy enables the students to think differently about the world. Value of Philosophy Essay example - Philosophy is the study of examining and thinking about questionable ethical problems and/or generally accepted certainties.

Philosophy aims at knowledge that combines a variety of academic fields as well as convictions, prejudices and beliefs.

Value of philosophy essay
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