Massacre of arwal

February 3, A youth said caste was not of much importance but some elders said the matter which finally becomes relevant during election is caste. In Junethe trial court at Durg found evidence of the involvement of at least five industrialists from Bhilai in a conspiracy to murder Niyogi and sentenced them to life imprisonment.

Thimphu is its capital and largest city, while Phuntsholing is its financial center, the independence of Bhutan has endured for centuries and the territory was never colonized in its history. Another resident of the village, Rajmani Devi, whose husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law were killed in the massacre, said: That the Government has not heard the last of it yet was proved when the MKSS announced last fortnight that it would not rest in peace until it avenged the Arwal massacre.

The massacre of 58 persons all from the oppressed and marginalised sections of Massacre of arwalon the night of 30 November-1 December in Laxmanpur-Bathe by armed marauders of the upper-caste Ranveer Sena was not an isolated incident.

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Civil rights activists have described the firing as part of a concerted plan to systematically eliminate those mobilising the poor by branding them "Naxalites" and killing them in stage-managed "encounters". Some others in the group demanded setting up of music, dance and theatre academies for positive development of mind.

The oppressed were left to live and tend the fields as long as they accepted the supremacy of their exploiters, but were attacked if they sought change. It is the same old story here. Police records show that over a dozen private armies took birth in Maoist-hit areas and operated in various districts to protect the interests of the landed gentry.

Singh and Director-General of Police S. The cause according to the villagers They claimed that their village had no connection with the Ranveer Sena nor was there any clash between the Upper Caste Bhumihars and their labourers. Simultaneously, Lorik Sena operated in three districts.

Arwal massacre: Bihar CM Bindeshwari Dubey justify police action

To drive home their point, the dissidents set up their own member fact finding team to investigate the matter. The course of history has, however, witnessed the wretched assert their rights time and again. Of the 91 massacres between and76 took place between andin which over people were killed.

Bhutan — Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in Asia and the smallest state located entirely within the Himalaya mountain range. Hydrology[ edit ] Arwal is the unique district of Bihar in the sense of quality of water and its greater availability.

Two were allegedly caught, taken to the field and shot dead one made person was shot dead near the Mandir. Following market-based economic reforms inIndia became one of the major economies and is considered a newly industrialised country.

Family of one of the victims While the state government continues to turn a blind eye, the wheel of violence rolls on, reaping a deadly harvest. Politicians wada karte hain, irada nahi hai Though they make promises, they are not determined to implement them.

No one ever thought of establishing industries here.Get this from a library! Report of the Indian People's Human Rights Tribunal on Arwal Massacre. [T U Mehta; P S Poti; Indian People's Human Rights Tribunal on Arwal Massacre.; Indian People's Human Rights Commission.].

Arwal district is a part of Magadh division. It came into existence on 20 August and was earlier part of Jehanabad district. The district comprises only one sub-division, Arwal Sadar, which is further divided into five blocks, namely, Arwal, Karpi, Kaler, Kurtha and Suryapur Vanshi. Arwal Son River Arwal Bihar Arwal town is the administrative headquarters of Arwal district in Bihar state of India.

It was earlier part of Jehanabad district. The district as formed to control the naxalism in the area. District was formed from the area of two near by districts i.e. Jehanabad and Aurangabad. Arwal has a population ofLaxmanpur Bathe is a village in Arwal district in Bihar state, India on the river Son river about 90–km from Patna.

It is most known for the massacre that took place on 1 Decemberwhere 58 Dalits were allegedly killed by members of the Ranvir Sena, a militia of.

Bihar: 15 convicted, 23 acquitted in Senari massacre case

Get this from a library! Report of the Indian People's Human Rights Tribunal on Arwal Massacre. [T U Mehta; P S Poti; Indian People's Human Rights Tribunal on Arwal Massacre.; Indian People's Human Rights Commission.].

Oct 27,  · A Jehanabad court on Thursday convicted 15 people and acquitted 23 others in connection with the Senari massacre, in which 34 people were killed by Maoists in The court will decide the quantum of punishment on November The court of Additional District Judge-III Ranjit Kumar Singh convicted Author: Express News Service.

Massacre of arwal
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