How to write about our company

Even the fibreboards are being made fine with advanced equipment. The visitor wants to get to know you, not the model posing in front of a too-perfect background. Consider your target customers as you write your About Us page.

So simple and yet so many businesses neglect to do so. Consider an Email Sign-up Form Are you building a mailing list? While appropriate for job hunting, you want something more engaging for your About Us page.

Include links to your media mentions, endorsements and other PR on your About Us page.

Company Introduction Letter

Describe your capabilities and list your credentials. And the beauty of websites, as opposed to say printed brochures, is that you can continually refine them.

There is nothing particularly emotional about bike lights. Answer the questions they most frequently ask, avoiding bold claims that sound too good to be true. Mold your About Us page into something as visually appealing as it is informative.

How to Write a Powerful “About Us” Page That Generates Business

Your About Us page takes the place of an in-person meeting. In addition, you can see how they have written their highlights which include merits and awards. Before she joined One Write, she spent ten years at The Golfworks in Newark, Ohio working in customer service and tech support.

Every new customer represents a person whose trust has been earned. Charts and other graphics add visual interest to your About Us page. Be Interesting Nobody wants to read an About Us that is the equivalent of a resume. After all, this is the one place you can and should sing your own praises.

Something is far better than nothing. On her About Us page, she describes how personally gratifying it is to have a business that allows her to be so charitable. It is owned by partners Avery Smith and Drew Connor, who originally met in design school and reunited years later, after both had managed other highly successful businesses.

And it makes for compelling reading! Ask a Question — What is the one thing everyone who hears about your business asks? It can be a powerful motivator for your site visitors. It should tap into their emotions and motivate them to take action.

My client, who had experience in the food industry, connected with a group of dietitians and started a line of healthy, frozen meals that were suitable for people with diabetes like his good friend.

That approach often comes across as stiff and insincere. If someone were to ask you about your business today, what would you say? Corporate-speak copy is boring. Ideally, readers then begin to look at other information about products and services.

Show the human side of your business. Show the human side of your business. And when talking with a potential policyholder, it becomes a really great sales tool.

How long have you been in business? Do you have an interesting hobby?

Company Profile Examples : Make a Powerful Impact

As your business grows and you target new markets, update your About Us page. And let your personality shine through. But she had yet to make her first sale. Pictures though, grab their attention, adding color to your page and often making a bigger impression than any copy ever could, although it pains me to admit that.

Most people are happy to offer their opinion and you might be pleasantly surprised at the constructive suggestions you get.The young company had only $2, on hand, but its leaders took out loans to pay the claims in full immediately.

"For employees," says Smith, "the story lets them know how to make decisions. Your “About Us” page is the place to tell your company’s story.

Make it interesting and informative to convert visitors into customers. The One Write System eventually inspired a name change, and Cyril-Scott became the One Write Company as a reminder of what we still do each and every day: listen carefully to our clients, develop innovative ways to serve them, and.

Dec 02,  · They figure they'll get to the interview and hear everything they need to know. They don't know why the organization exists or why it was created. Jun 29,  · A company paragraph or blurb describes a company in a short engaging way to encourage consumers to buy into the company vision.

Our mission is to be the best in our industry. Blah blah blah.” According to the website E-commerce for Small Business, you should write your About Us page from a “storytelling perspective rather than using bullet points or a resume-style.

How to write about our company
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