Gillette fusion imc techniques campaign

Specifically, the main features include the 5-blade shaving technology, which delivers a closer, more comfort shaving experience, an enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip, which exudes lubricants automatically, providing great glide, and an integral precision trimmer, used for shaving tricky spots like under the nose and around sideburns Gillette Moreover, consumer-oriented promotion information will be featured in newspaper.

James Kilts, former chief executive of Nabisco Holdings was appointed, the first time an outsider had been chosen to lead the company. They believe that positive attitude would be developed on their 5-blade system razor.

Behavior Sequence Model The purchase of Fusion razor requires limited decision making as Gillette Fusion belongs to low involvement product category.

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It is a specific group of people within the target market at which the marketing message is aimed Kotler et al. Such bonus packs will be available for sale at selected outlets depending on the sales of the stores.

Marketing Communication Objectives Both financial objectives such as sales and market share, and non-financial objectives such as attitude change and brand loyalty reinforcement will be incorporated into the objective statement.

Hopefully, the qualities of speed, high-status, and sophistication associated with F1 would be translated into Gillette Fusion. Its positioning statement is as follow: Mallory adopted Duracell as its corporate title inand was sold to buyout specialists Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in The commercial will be broadcasted for a total of 15 weeks and in a week Gillette Fusion will broadcast their ad 12 times.

Hence, television ads tend to generate great exposure in Singaporean society. The Gillette advertising machine is a complex and multi-headed beast.

For Advertising, Fusion has long been initiating new Advertising program in TV, magazines, and billboards.

Gillette Advertising Case Study: Best Tactics to Brand a Product Line

Mallory adopted Duracell as its corporate title inand was sold to buyout specialists Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in In addition, bonus pack promotion news is updated in newspaper ad. Aw man, should have known. You win, they go home. Therefore, the message to be conveyed is that only winner deserves Gillette Fusion.

In early the group sold off its entire stationery products division to Newell Rubbermaid, including the Paper Mate, Parker and Waterman pen brands and Liquid Paper correction fluid, following a catastrophic fall in profitability.

Best Tactics to Brand a Product Line Companies with large and varied product lines face a particularly tough marketing focus challenge. A few weeks later the company launched Venus, its new shaver for women. The buzz creation suggests marketing effort to engage people in talking favorably about a particular brand Shimp This provides a closer, longer-lasting shave.

Place Advertising The objective of transit ad and poster is to reinforce existing awareness towards Gillette Fusion among consumers.

Again, it carries the brand name that is most Advertised and promoted and it has always been packaged uniquely. As I ponder if Evans has secretly been paid off by the brand to deliver this glowing assessment, he turns his laptop toward me and shows me why.

Aw, even the best blades get worn down.

Gillette Advertising Case Study: Best Tactics to Brand a Product Line

As Gillette Fusion wants to increase sales, market share, and reinforce positive attitudes and beliefs among consumers, Viscom is hired to compose an integrated communication plan. For promotion, Gillette Fusion tries to boost sales in the short-term or incentivize light- or non-users to switch brand.

In stage 1, a thorough discussion of the current marketing program of Gillette Fusion is provided. Unlike SingTel that signed title sponsorship contract with Formula 1, Gillette Fusion would only have to be a minor sponsor for the event because the sponsorship is devoted only to Singapore market rather than global presence that SingTel aims at Lighthouse Independent Media That brand was launched in the s by the PR Mallory Company, which mainly specialised in what were then called mercury cell batteries, which were more reliable than traditional zinc carbon batteries, but were mainly produced for industrial and military use.

In addition, these superstar endorsers helped appeal to emotional feelings because they were successful, good-looking, and promoted a strong image of masculinity Gillette With so many different products, how can they unify their brand message and convey a single clear point.

Such integration would form a more comprehensive marketing communication effort perceived by consumers, and also incentivize immediate purchases.

Also emphasized in the message were the features such as the 5-blades system and the lubrastrip which releases lubricant overtime, and providing great glide. Thus, the other recency requirement is that Gillette Fusion razors should be placed on the most eye catching or evident locations possible in retail stores so that it can influence the consumer choices making.Gillette advertising stays focused by not bothering with the actual physical properties of their product brands, but rather what they stand for.

Gillette stands for confidence. When men shave in the morning with a Gillette razor, they’re not just grooming – they’re preparing for success.

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Gillette: Product and Marketing Innovation 1 CASE Synopsis: Gillette has long been known for innovation in both product development and marketing strategy. In the highly competitive, but mature, razor and blade market, Gillette holds a commanding worldwide market share.

The Gillette Fusion just happened to be the model I settled on ten or so years ago. I love the five blades and the quality of them. A twelve pack can last me eight to twelve months depending on my shaving techniques (soaking in the tub verses a quick shower)/5().

Discuss FIVE (5) importance of integrated marketing communications. It is an approach used by companies in order to achieve the marketing campaign objectives, using different types of promotional method. Gillette Fusion Marketing Plan. May 28,  · With just a little over two weeks before the Warner Bros.

Superman franchise reboot film Man of Steel hits theaters, Gillette rolls out a big promotional campaign today that asks “How Does.

The Gillette Fusion Power Phenom Campaign 1. The problematic advertising communication The Gillette Company Company history: The Gillette Company was founded in by King Camp Gillette, a successful salesman.

Gillette fusion imc techniques campaign
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