A comparison of the movie troy and homers epic poem the iliad

Herodotushaving consulted the Oracle at Dodonaplaced Homer and Hesiod at approximately years before his own time, which would place them at c. The Catalogue of Ships in particular has the striking feature that its geography does not portray Greece in the Iron Agethe time of Homer, but as it was before the Dorian invasion.

However as Homer was born approximately three hundred years after the Trojan War took place it stands to reason that the poet himself may have made some errors.

Spartan commanders, often seen as the pinnacle of Greek military prowess, were known for their tactical trickery, and, for them, this was a feat to be desired in a commander.

Despite the earthly powers of the Olympic gods, only the Three Fates set the destiny of Man. Afraid to get their facts wrong? Even those, whom are considered great men and women, will contain their own personal flaw which stops them from remaining as a perfect specimen of the human species.

Do it, then; but not all the rest of us gods shall approve you.

Othryades, the remaining Spartan, goes back to stand in his formation with mortal wounds while the remaining two Argives go back to Argos to report their victory. In this battle of champions, only two men are left standing for the Argives and one for the Spartans.

This essay mentions that every warrior has a choice between war and peace, and i agree on this which is shown from the Iliad. After the BC layer is it apparent that disruptions occurred around Troy, causing the city to fall on hard times.

Both texts deal with the same subject, the siege of troy which was ended with the trickery of the wooden horse. That will hurt our charge. The decorations are also carefully executed in the ancient style conveying the ambiance of the ancient epoch.


This date was determined by radiocarbon dating and pottery stratigraphy. It also provides part of the backbone to the plot within both texts which involve Achilles battle for glory which will last forever. Date and textual history[ edit ] Further information: Ajax would then conceal him with his shining shield.

These two similarities help connect the audience with the film as it concedes with its roots within the epic poem the Iliad which some may already be familiar with. The audience appeal would have very likely have diminished over the films, especially considering that there wasn't always action occurring, such as during the nights with politics taking place.

Comparison of Troy and Iliad

This is a large oversight. Heinrich Schliemann was the first investigator to uncover the site of Troy, located on the Western coast of Turkey at the entrance of the Dardanelles strait.

The actors in the movie wear clothes typical to the epoch of ancient Greece and the period of the Trojan war. These differences are what are to be discussed today from within the film and the Iliad: Like a dream in which a man cannot catch someone who's running off and the other can't escape, just as the first man can't catch up—that's how Achilles, for all his speed, could not reach Hector, while Hector was unable to evade Achilles.

Indeed, this type of leadership was the standard advice of Greek tactical writers. He also shows that even heroes have villainous qualities. However to the soldiers of Troy in this time, it would have been an extremely signicant flaw in which their commander and greatest hero broke ranks to flee from the greatest warrior of the Greek army.

This overall depiction of war runs contrary to many other[ citation needed ] ancient Greek depictions, where war is an aspiration for greater glory.CliffsNotes on Homer's The Odyssey (Cliffsnotes Literature Guides) [Stanley P Baldwin] on ltgov2018.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Essay: Comparison of the Movie Troy and the Iliad

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Naturally, the successful use of costumes, decorations, depiction of ancient cities, especially Troy contributes consistently to the epic character of the movie that makes it. The ancient legend of Troy, recorded in Homer's epic poem "The Iliad" Oxford (trans.

Dicuss similarities and differences between Homer’s Iliad and the movie Troy Essay Sample

Robert Fitzgerald University Press ) has been retold in many other forms, the most recent being the blockbuster film "Troy" (, Wolfgang Peterson).5/5(3). Iliad and War Zeus Essay. In Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad, it was believed that the gods had an active involvement in the human world.

Most, if not all the gods took part in the outcome of the Trojan War, which is the undermining story within Homer’s Iliad. Did the movie Troy, released inaccurately depict the story of Homer's epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey, and was it a good movie from a critical point of view.

I think it was a good movie from an entertainment standpoint, but it fell short in it's comparison to Homer's epics.

A comparison of the movie troy and homers epic poem the iliad
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